Join in Institute of Economics and Business(Economics)2018

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BeihangUniversity, China

Schoolof Economics and Management

Assistant/Associate/FullProfessor of Economics and Management


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TheInstitute of Economics and Business (IEB) at Beihang University invites applicationsfor full-time, tenure track positions at all levels. Ideal candidates shouldhave obtained a Ph.D. from prestigious universities, and have developed apromising research agenda matching their professional levels at the time ofappointment.


TheIEB is a research-oriented institute, founded in 2016. Its faculty combineshigh-profile overseas experts and active junior scholars, and has developedunique research strength in the fields of econometrics, energy andenvironmental economics, and empirical industrial organization. Theeconometrician group is led by Professor Tong LI, who also serves as ouroverseas dean. The energy economist group is led by Professor Ying FAN, aYangzi-River Scholar and the vice president of the International Association ofEnergy Economics. The IO group is led by Professor Haijun HUANG, vice presidentof Beihang University.


Thus,faculty members joining each group will be supported with established academicnetworks and extensive research resources. They may also communicate theircutting-edge research on the IEB platform, which consists of annualinternational forums and routine bi-week seminars.


BeihangUniversity is one of the leading universities in China,and supported by the national education excellence projects (211/985/DoubleFirst-Class Initiative). In the university’s new century development plan, thedisciplines of economics and business have been ranked on the very top andgranted with extensive infrastructure, financial, and administrative supports.We will provide new faculty joining us with globally competitive compensationpackage.


Toapply, please send your CV, statement of research, job market paper, statementof teaching, teaching evaluations, and a list of three referees to,with the email titled by “2019_Faculty_Recruitment_[Last Name]_[First Name]”,before Dec 15th, 2018.